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Readers have been very kind to me over the past few years. So if you don't mind, I'd like to share a few of their thoughts with the rest of you. ( Remember - it's only bragging if _I_ say's perfectly okay if others say it for me!) If you have anything to add, just drop me a line.

I really like the style of your comic strips. almost makes me wonder if you have found a way to "mainstream" railroading to the masses the same way Dilbert has mainstreamed computers and engineering technology.

I think your strip is not only successful graphically, but also from a content point of view. As a life-long model railroader and railfan, I think it's just plain neat that someone made a strip about trains. I think once enough people find out about it, you may find you have more supporters (and book-purchasers) than you thought....

Good luck!


Dear Erik
sorry this isn't about the permit issue..this is a (sickeningly) formal letter of applause!I just wanted to tell you that I got your book last week...I'm so really is wonderful...and has already taken its place in my mental map of classic's so difficult looking at the odd one or two strips on the web and I confess I rarely do it..I hate watching things download..and unless one sees things regularly one loses any sense of continuity etc...having this book really makes all the difference....all the strips fit perfectly..there's a great little world happening's magnificent...
many congratulations for making such a great contribution to the mythology of comics.


Hey Erik,
I just caught up after the holidaze,  am laughing out loud quite regularly at the last couple of months.  You really are nailing it, guy.  You have captured some universal comic strip "thing" in the twists & turns and relationships "between" the panels, its gorgeous.  Plow on, my friend, you're gonna get famous like this!  Thanks.


Just a note to say that I think you've got a great strip! My morning routine before I start "work" is to read the daily Dilbert, Mother Goose & Grimm, and Toy Trunk Railroad strips, and I have your Moliere quote posted on the wall by my desk (I run a small business so I occasionally need the reminder to get out of the office...) Again, a great job (a nice site, too!).


I just wanted to say that you are making a great comic, one of the best I've ever seen. I really like it. I like to drive model trains myself, so I really recognize myself in Walt.

I. Henriksson

I visited your site, and it's great!  I like the animated train -- and I can't believe that wonderful little strip isn't syndicated -- or at least regularly in a railroad magazine (which maybe it is).

Anyway -- as my boss often says when he has an idea that hasn't been completely worked out but wants us to proceed anyway -- "full steam ahead!".


Just wanted to say I enjoy your strip everytime I can. Walt reminds me of myself in the way he talks with his son and wife. It's a treat to finally see a cartoon that relates to the best hobby there is and shows its best and worst traits. Thank you Thank you!!


I've read the first Toy Trunk RR book three times and have laughed out loud at the same gags every time.  I haven't memorized the whole book, yet, but some times during the work-day I visualize one of the frames and chuckle.  My co-workers are passing the hat for me, and have a pool going on when I'll qualify for (psychological) disability. When is the next book coming out?

R Stolling

I want to let you know how much I enjoy your "Toy Trunk Railroad" cartoons. I run a 30" gauge steam locomotive on the Washington Park & Zoo Railway, a 4 mile line here in Portland, Oregon. Keep up the great work!


I just checked out a week's worth of TTR, and how do I say this...your work was always good, the jokes funny...but it seems something's changed (my confession is that I'm a lazy comic strip reader, and usually fail to follow the strips I like, which is why I haven't read TTR for a few months or more): maybe I'm wrong, but your writing struck me as brilliant comic humor, as good as it gets, and the artwork seems altered (I like the stoutness you provided the co-engineer), somehow sharper (keeping in mind that your artwork was great to begin with), more compelling to watch... It's possible that the train motif dissuaded the syndicates, but keep on the track you've been building and I doubt anyone else will notice. Great stuff.


I have been a faithful reader of your comic strips for some time now. I am a model railroader myself so I really understand Walt, Mona and Trevor.

I just had to say thank you for this wonderful comic strip. If people ask about my favourite comic strips I always answer : Calvin & Hobbes and Toy Trunk Railroad. I also regularly send my favourite strips to some of my fellow hobbyists.

Next week I am also going to order your book.

Keep up the good work!!!

Best regards



Copyright© 2005 Erik Sansom